Fintani AG is a dynamic company that has specialized in the sustainability potential of properties with excellent location quality as well as the asset holding of high street and center properties. This means in particular investing and positioning commercial and residential properties as well as purchasing core and high street properties for a longer holding period in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In addition, we acquire companies in the areas of software, IT, finance and real estate as part of a buy and build strategy, taking into account synergy effects. This gives us the opportunity to reposition companies as well as real estate and expansions in a determined and consistent manner.

Building on this, we pursue a "holistic approach" and can thus influence the various phases of the project process, whereby we can access the latest technologies and the best standards "in-house". Fintani AG also dealt with the transformation of the retail business a few years ago and commissioned studies and developed appropriate concepts based on them and specialized in accordance with the requirements.


A sound investment means understanding, understanding means investing well and adding value.

Value creation, security and expertise are the keywords with which our actions can be described succinctly. Our competence is based on the identification and use of potential for value growth in order to optimize the profitability of assets in all phases of the investment cycle.

We are not concerned with the numbers of investments and transactions that have been made, but only with the quality of our work.

Especially under today's influences, it is not easy to achieve long-term planning goals and to localize and manage sustainable assets. In this challenge we see our approaches of active management and constantly reflect on our actions paired with foresighted action.

"The average gives the world its existence, the extraordinary its value." - Oscar Wilde

Investment Targets

The holistic approach offers the key to success, since value creation potential and risks can only be identified if the entire investment cycle is recorded in its holistic value development. In addition, our hands-on mentality helps to identify the investment, whether direct or indirect, and to manage it successfully.

Real Estate

We pursue different investment strategies within the scope of diversification and taking into account risk allocation. Here we focus on both short-term investments with corresponding added value potential and sustainable and stable cash flows.

Corporate Investments

Here, too, we focus on our multi-asset approach. We are interested in both short-term investments with potential and long-term and sustainable investments in various sectors.

Investor Relations

We warmly welcome you to the IR area of FINTANI AG. In our partner area you will find everything about our company. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form.

Our Approach

We develop sustainable strategies taking into account the individual risk allocation and multiple exit alternatives. Comprehensive research and active risk management are part of our self-image.

Anyone who wants to create sustainable and successful value not only has to observe the market, but also be part of the market.

Thanks to the holistic approach, we are able to take an active role in all phases of an acquisition right through to the investment and management of assets.

Our asset management not only manages values, it uses the potential to create additional values and optimize existing ones. The competence based on the management of individual investments and portfolios as well as in the management of indirect investments and participations.


Fintani AG

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